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I aim to introduce fine art to ancient felting techniques to create individual ‘tapestries’ to compliment and inspire public and private space.  I use both wet and dry felting processes to ‘mould’ my images from pre-coloured fibres.  The fibres are mostly merino wool but also include mohair, alpaca, silks, hemp and many others.  My approach allows me to exercise close control over the medium to create fine detail when necessary while retaining spontaneity and movement. The work is developed from personal studies and photographs of people, cities, landscapes and gardens which I manipulate before working in influences ranging from the Renaissance through to Impressionism and artists such as Gustav Klimt, John Singer Sargent and Lucien Freud.  I combine this with influences from ethnic textiles - especially the Berber traditions of North Africa, classical tapestries and the contemporary feltwork of Scandinavia and Germany.  The textile is hand stitched onto fabric backings to sculpt and emphasise the work.

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